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Promoting Agility

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Becoming agile is a lofty goal for many organizations and will require a significant change in how leadership conducts itself both functionally and philosophically. It also requires a cultural change in how managers interact with team members. There are two main areas of transformation in promoting agility: coordination among teams and maintaining continuous learning. First, organizations need to reject rigid hierarchies in favor of more dynamic networks of interworking teams. This allows leaders to be more aware of the talent available to them in adjacent teams and also allows team members to understand where their talents might be a better fit to fulfill professional goals and drive organizational success. This requires more direct and frequent communication between managers and employees. Additionally, an environment of continuous learning needs to be fostered. Workforces need to be versatile and innovative to react to the unpredictable challenges of the modern world, and managers need to help their employees understand how and why they need to be developing their skills. This promotes organizational agility and also drives higher levels of employee engagement.

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