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November 2018
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Re-Engaging the Disengaged

Monday, July 2, 2018

Employee engagement is a buzzword for good reason. First, engaged employees are the 20 percent of workers who produce 80 percent of the profit; and replacing a disengaged employee costs the equivalent of six to nine months’ salary. Many organizations try extremely hard to make work more engaging . . . but this isn’t the problem, and it’s actually an exercise in putting the horse in front of the cart. To really create an engaged workforce, you have to re-engage the disengaged. This might sound complicated, but what it boils down to is getting rid of the disengaging habits that workers have developed in their lives to promote the responsible use of technology and create a goal-oriented lifestyle, both personally and professionally. To do this, it’s important to remove distractions that disrupt workflows. Consider limiting phone use and implementing a no-distraction email policy. Additionally, employers should invest in their employees' personal lives. Help them find activities that bring them joy and purpose, and help them execute plans to improve in these disciplines.

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