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Reducing Turnover in Tough Times

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

While the overall economy is growing, certain industries are still experiencing hiring headwinds, creating an increased focus on employee retention in multiple sectors. Mike Koenecke, a recruiting and HR consultant for AG 1 Source, says that many companies in the agricultural industry are delaying hiring, forcing organizations to reschedule and employees to absorb additional tasks. Often this uncertainty and stress will cause an employee to seek out a more stable work environment. To counteract this, Koenecke says its important for business leaders to be as transparent as possible. “Most importantly, leadership must demonstrate stability and security,” Koenecke says. “If employees don’t feel secure, turnover challenges are bound to occur.” If possible, it’s important to remain consistent in compensation and benefits during difficult times. Growmark, a household name in the agriculture industry, offers employer-funded, defined benefit pension plans in addition to a 401(k), as well as a program called Lifelong Learning Opportunities, where employees have access to training materials to help them advance professionally. “There is an impression that employees want to bounce around a lot,” Ann Kafer, vice president and human resources and strategy officer at Growmark says. “What they want is a lot of good, impactful opportunities. If a singular organization can provide that, then it’s not an issue.”

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