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Remote Work May Become the New Normal

Monday, June 8, 2020

Despite tentative reopening efforts, data shows many Americans who are getting new jobs during the pandemic will likely be working from home. According to a report from Monster.com, 42 percent of job seekers are looking for permanent work-from-home employment situations. In a poll of 700 US employees, 72 percent said they are hesitant to return to a traditional office even if they were allowed to, and 60 percent said they didn’t wish to have meetings in person. Many experts feel this and other studies like it are the bellwether of major changes in the workplace. “The biggest change will involve flexibility on both the employer and employee sides,” Monster's career expert Vicki Salemi said. “Employers understand the need of workers, and in turn, workers are embracing the ability to pivot and not feel guilty about it. Most employers support these ongoing shifts.” However, this new normal brings with it unique challenges. Remote employees tend to blur the lines between their personal and professional lives, and as a result, tend to experience burnout at rates higher than their traditional counterparts. A study from the University of Cardiff in the UK showed remote employees are more likely to log extra hours in their typical workday and put in more effort than is needed.

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