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Retaining Remote Employees

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

In terms of productivity losses and training replacements, turnover is costly. This is why it’s important to keep employees engaged and fulfilled; however, traditional means of doing so may not apply to all workers—particularly those who work remotely. As telecommunications technologies increase, remote workers are becoming the norm; and although these employees enjoy greater freedom and flexibility, working from a decentralized location can be isolating. It’s important for employers to consider the unique needs of remote workers if they are to remain engaged and retained. Having a remote team can cut costs tremendously when it comes to renting office space or purchasing supplies; it’s smart to reinvest some of this money in up-to-date equipment for remote employees. Additionally, it’s important to consider offering remote workers the same perks their traditional counterparts enjoy. A recent Glassdoor survey found that four out of five employees would rather have better benefits and perks than a pay raise, so consider offering to pay for the childcare or for a gym membership for remote workers. Finally, regardless of where they work, a sense of being on a team is important to foster long-term engagement. Include remote workers in team-building meetups and less formal gatherings.

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