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Retraining Older Employees

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

While most employers understand the necessity of training new employees, many often overlook the benefits of retraining older employees. Because of their experience, older employees have a tendency to get lost in the shuffle when it comes to training; however, workforce veterans like these should not be left behind. Retraining older workers will let them know they are valued, and they can pass their experiences down to the next generation of workers. While this practice is beneficial, it doesn’t come without its challenges. People who have been with a company for an extended amount of time may feel set in their ways, or they might view training as a punitive measure. That’s why it’s important to explain why they are being retrained and to tailor training regimens to their needs. Managers shouldn’t assume what older workers know or don’t, and often these individuals have significantly more knowledge than they are given credit for. It’s also important, though, to not assume they know everything, even down to the most basic processes. Old habits are hard to break, so it’s critical that retraining is focused on what older employees need to know to make them function up to their potential.

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