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Smart Devices Connect but Also Distract

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

While new technologies such as smartphones and tablets have connected the professional world in ways never before thought possible, these devices can also create significant distractions in the workplace—particularly for younger employees. According to a recent report from Udemy, more than a third of Millennials use their phones for personal activities for a combined two or more hours during the workday. The study revealed a strong correlation between increased distractions in the workplace today, decreases in productivity, and an overall lack of proper training when it comes to personal use of smart devices. In total, more than half of employees reported that their lack of performance is mostly due to workplace distractions. “It’s shocking that 54 percent of employees attribute their underperformance to workplace distractions, but it’s also clear that companies have the power to change that statistic by investing in training,” said Darren Shimkus, general manager for Udemy for Business. “By embracing a learning culture and prioritizing training and development, businesses can help develop employees that keep up with nonstop technology and are competitive, competent, and engaged.”

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