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Team Building Activities Increase Motivation, Productivity

Monday, May 18, 2015

By focusing on team building, management can bolster retention rates, increase productivity, and boost engagement. One of the most direct ways to focus on team building is by improving the way a workforce communicates. This can take the form of collaborative workspaces or open office layouts, or it can mean planning enjoyable activities for teams to perform as a group. Building personal relationships among co-workers is an often neglected task, but one that yields valuable dividends. Positive reinforcement is also critical when it comes to team building. By rewarding high-performing staff members, managers can reinforce company values by publicly rewarding those workers who exemplify them. By focusing on a team as a whole, managers can expect to see increased motivation and commitment. Team building demonstrates the will of management to invest in their employees’ continued success, and in turn, employees will feel appreciated and recognized. Out-of-the-office team building activities can also be a way to improve staff morale and keep employees engaged and retain them.

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