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The Benefits of Online Training

Friday, September 8, 2017

There was a time when all training was conducted in person, but as technologies have evolved, online training has grown in popularity. And it's no wonder why. Online training allows for much greater flexibility, allowing employees to train when and where they like, and allows employers to design and secure courses specific to their employees with ease. However, not all online training courses are created equal, and care should be taken in determining which online training course is right for your organization. First, the program needs to be clear and measurable. Before any program is adopted, it should be determined what the scope, needs, and desired results are. A program should be picked that will deliver these results in the most streamlined way possible, with a function for measurement—hopefully on multiple metrics—built in. Interactivity is also an important consideration. In-person training can be too bulky and slow moving. Online training has the benefit of being interactive and engaging, so a program should be selected that capitalizes on this benefit.

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