April 2018
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The Connection Between Storytelling and Training

Monday, April 16, 2018

Employee training is evolving dramatically in the age of automation; however, is this increased focus on technological solutions critically flawed by ignoring the time-honored human tradition of storytelling and narrative building? Despite our technological advances, stories remain one of the most engaging and effective means of knowledge transfer, and there is more than just anecdotal evidence to back this up. Research has shown the human brain is hardwired to receive information in this way. We are social creatures, and narrative building plays on our desire to connect. Using the concepts of storytelling, training can become a much more appealing and engaging experience—an experience that can even bring teams closer together. Start by looking for success stories throughout the organization; craft these stories in a compelling way, and see how well employees respond. Stories should be lighthearted, relatable, and not too complicated. They should demonstrate behaviors and concepts that should be applied in employees’ day-to-day work. Humor can help make them more memorable, and demonstrating a theme—like the importance of teamwork—will help employees understand how these concepts apply to them.

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