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The Four Ms of Training

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

In order to stay competitive in the modern business world, it’s imperative organizations invest in the training and development of their workforces. The success of a business depends on employees’ abilities to acquire new skills, retain knowledge, and feel empowered to perform their jobs. However, in this regard, resources are often wasted and training can be ineffective. How can managers ensure they aren’t wasting time and money? Consider the four Ms of training: micro, mobile, memorable, and measurable. Training should be micro—presented in easily digestible chunks. It should also be mobile. In the modern work landscape, mobile devices are king. It's important to offer training where employees can engage with it most and where it is most convenient for them. Training must also be memorable. By focusing on the design of the learning module, training can be made more immersive, holding trainees’ attention and remain engaging. Finally, training needs to be measurable. Robust data from training programs will help managers evaluate learning behaviors, where gaps might exist, and what is working well.

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My understanding of the Measurable element is to measure what knowledge, skills, or behavior was addressed with competencies of the learners. and how is this transferred/implemented.
I'd like to add a fifth M - "Meaningful" the training must be meaningful to the learners. Whats in it for the learner?
By meaningful, the learning must be a solution to a problem the learners are experiencing. Or the learning must address a competency/performance gap identified within the learner group.
Great addition.
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