April 2018
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The Unexpected Benefits of Training in Virtual Reality

Friday, April 6, 2018

As technology proliferates, industry disruption is becoming commonplace. Smart business leaders do not view this as a threat, but rather an opportunity. New technologies allow industry leaders to rethink business operations and improve functionalities in ways never before thought possible. It is no different in the training industry. Many companies have started offering virtual reality (VR) training tools to a variety of industries, and some major players, including Walmart, Lowes, and UPS, have taken interest in the training potential of these new tech tools—often for surprising reasons. First, VR encourages companies to review their basic policies and procedures. Transferring the basic how-tos of any organization to a VR platform will help HR discover gaps in the curriculum that may never have been reviewed. In this way, VR can reveal opportunities for improvement. In many companies, training is often shaped by a small group of in-house experts. By building out VR experiences through process mapping, a broad new range of possibilities can be considered, and diversify the perspective from which training originates.

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