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Thinking Outside the Box to Attract Talent

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Startups are faced with a unique set of problems, and attracting top talent is high on that list. Not able to compete with the Googles and Apples of the world in terms of traditional employee benefits, some micro-businesses are thinking outside the box when it comes to compensation. One way is by offering perks that cost little to nothing. Jessica Scanlon, CEO of Top Dog at Hot Dog Marketing, says Final Friday is a popular offering at her company. “Six times a year, we offer the last Friday of the month as a free day for employees to work on personal projects or pursue their own professional development," she says, adding that she also barters her PR services with local coaches and consultants to get training for her employees at much lower cost than normal. "Little gifts and treats around silly holidays go a long way for a hardworking team," Scanlon says. "We have employees spin a prize wheel on their work anniversary for things like a paid day off and $50 gift cards."

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