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Transitioning Senior Employees to Leadership Roles

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Organizations are ever-changing entities. That’s why it’s important for high-ranking leadership to always be thinking about the next generation of managers. Workforces fluctuate, older leaders retire, and top performers are courted with better opportunities. It’s critical to plan for these eventualities and have a plan in place to groom new leaders. When you have a senior employee stepping into a management role, a leadership development plan is absolutely necessary. It’s not enough that they’ve been with the company for a long time; the skills and experiences it takes to be a solid contributor aren’t necessarily those they’ll need to be an effective leader. It’s important to determine if an employee is management material. If so, leaders then need to create a growth-oriented environment. The atmosphere should foster self-reflection, learning and feedback loops, and a detailed, regular performance plan. “Nurture their strengths and talents, and enhance areas for improvement. When an organization invests in their employees and provides opportunities for personal and professional growth, employees have an advantage,” Nadidah Coveney of CTM Consulting Group, says. “Focusing on skills, attitude, and mindset and providing on-the-job coaching will help these employees become great managers and effective leaders.”

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