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United Kingdom Launches Website to Support Workers’ Mental Health

Saturday, September 1, 2018

The UK is launching a website to support employees’ mental health. The site offers training, information, and resources to help workers address their emotional well-being. The project is a result of a partnership with the charity Mind and aims to be a tool to help managers support staff members who may be struggling. The resource is coming at an important time, too: A recent study from Mind revealed 48 percent of British employees have experienced some sort of mental health issue in their current position. What’s even more telling, of the 44,000 British employees surveyed who had experienced such an issue, only half went to their employer to discuss it. This means nearly a quarter of the British workforce is struggling silently. One employee, who spoke with Metro about her issues, echoes sentiments many British employees feel. She suffers from Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD), and said, “I dread ringing work to tell them I am not fit enough to work due to mental health. I struggle to make telephone calls anyway, but to tell somebody that I’m taking time off because of something that isn’t physical makes it 100 times harder. The return to work meetings also terrify me. Having to justify myself to a manager that knows next to nothing about my illness or me as a person is humiliating and difficult to explain to a non-MH sufferer.” It’s hoped the web tool will help end these types of stigmas, and help those suffering get the assistance they need.

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