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Virtual Reality Simulates the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Virtual reality (VR) is becoming more common in workplace training. Industries including healthcare, mining, food service, and athletics have all tapped into the power of VR to help better onboard and train employees. Now, employers are also looking to these systems to help recruit and retain old and new talent by giving them immersive, novel experiences that can inject enthusiasm and engagement where they might be lacking. “New tools such as VR . . . can increase employee engagement and satisfaction, especially if the tools can help them to improve quickly and make their jobs easier,” says Jason Low, lead VR analyst at Canalys. “Tools such as VR are not common, and employees are likely to take this as a perk.” However, not all companies are using VR to boost engagement through simulating enjoyable work experiences and accentuating the positive. Holovis, a U.K.-based VR company with international clients, offers a Near-Miss Simulator that recreates hazardous, unsafe working conditions. CEO Stuart Hetherington says the simulation can “demonstrate in a dramatic and highly realistic way the consequences, delivered with true impact.” He says rather than turn work into a game, VR can demonstrate the “harsh reality and consequences of certain behaviors.”

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Yes, True Virtual Reality Simulates the good,Bad and ugly. Day-by-day they are many new innovation in this technology. But in case of Virtual reality, billions of dollars are investing by industrialist. Mostly in every field virtual reality are using like real estate, Architecture, Healthcare, education, gaming,etc. we don't know how much extent it will go.
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