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Want to Be a Good Leader? Ask Why.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

There are two key traits that make a great leader: curiosity and concern. Asking questions about employees' day-to-day lives demonstrates respect for workers’ ideas, feelings, and opinions. Simply put, great leaders care about what other people think. "If people are asking questions, that is a really good measure of their level of engagement," says business writer Warren Berger. "It shows that they are not just on autopilot. They are paying attention." One of the best questions a leader can ask is “Why?” . . . first of themselves, and second of their workers. “Why do I want to lead?” should be a fundamental question every leader asks themselves, followed quickly by “Why would people want me to lead them?” Power and money are strong motivators, but if ambition is limited to the individual, that person may not make the best leader. "If you want to solve problems in people's lives or create a great organization where people want to come into work every day, those are reasons people want you to lead," Berger says.

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