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Want to Increase Productivity? Increase Flexibility

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Increasing productivity is high on the priority list for any organization. Employees worldwide on average work about 45 hours per week, but self-report that approximately 17 of those 45 are unproductive. This unproductive time spent in the office is a drain from a business standpoint, but also negatively impacts an employee’s mental, and sometimes even physical, health. Productivity drives a happier, healthier work culture, and the data makes that abundantly clear: 93 percent of workers say productivity is crucial to them in achieving personal happiness. Unfortunately, the nature of modern work tends to be a drag on productivity. Increasingly sedentary, screen-focused jobs mean workers sit relatively still, and distractions abound. Smart companies are working to fix that. By promoting tech-based solutions, companies can reverse the trends of slowed productivity and sluggish workers. Increasing flexibility by allowing employees to work from wherever they are, or wherever they choose to be, will increase productivity.

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