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What the Navy SEALs Can Teach Us About Engagement

Friday, March 16, 2018

The Navy SEALs do not have a problem with employee engagement. Every member is emotionally connected to their work, and there is no question about the role each team member plays in driving success. An above-and-beyond mindset is normal, and no one questions the mission statement. Very few organizations can make that same claim. While the analogy is a little extreme, there’s no reason today’s companies can’t take engagement lessons from the SEALs. First, the entire SEAL training and selection process is designed to take the best possible candidates, identify their particular strengths, and place them where those strengths are maximized. In doing so, engagement is ingrained into the SEAL culture, and those who are not fully engaged will wash out before they receive their qualifications. The same applies in the business world. The best possible candidates should be selected and be placed in roles where their strengths will best serve them.

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