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Never Stop Learning With the OpenBook Subscription
Open Book: L&D at your door
Never Stop Learning With the OpenBook Subscription
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What's Your Formula? Ships July 2021

What's Your Formula?

Brian Washburn

Offers a simple yet elegant periodic table of learning elements to help trainers create effective training programs by using the right balance of adult learning theory, available technology, intuitive tools, proven practices, creativity, and last but not least, risk.

Emotional Intelligence in Talent Development Ships October 2021

Emotional Intelligence Skills in Talent Development

Patrick Malone

Part of the new ATD Soft Skills Series, this book guides talent development professionals in developing their emotional intelligence skills. Learn how to improve your own self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills while overcoming everyday talent development obstacles like stress, multitasking, communication, and conflict.

636933503_OpnBk_ComprehensiveGuideDEI_2x.jpg Ships January 2022

A Comprehensive Guide for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training

Maria Morukian

Authored by an experienced DEI facilitator, this book is a practical guide for training professionals who seek to make diversity, equity, and inclusion training a foundational component of their work.

The Professional Virtual Trainer Ships April 2022

The Professional Virtual Trainer

Diana Howles

The status quo is not addressing the virtual training problems of day-long sessions, multitasking attendees, and low engagement. Going beyond the basics, this book introduces the authors' Virtual Training Capability Model for what trainers and facilitators can do to deliver impactful virtual training.

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