OpenBook: L&D at Your Door

Never Stop Learning With the OpenBook Subscription
Open Book: L&D at your door
Never Stop Learning With the OpenBook Subscription
OpenBook is a subscription service exclusively for ATD members that brings you a curated selection of the best books about talent development.

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The Modern Learning Ecosystem by JD Dillon Ships 2023 Q1

The Modern Learning Ecosystem

JD Dillon

To respond to and anticipate workplace disruptions, L&D needs a new mindset and updated approach. This book guides you through the Modern Learning Ecosystem Framework for transforming your existing L&D tactics into a repeatable, scalable system embedded within the flow of work.

Data & Analytics for Instructional Designers by Megan Torrance Ships 2023 Q2

Data & Analytics for Instructional Designers

Megan Torrance

With access to more and richer data sources than ever before, instructional designers need to take advantage of this new powerful way of evaluating and improving their learning experiences. Learn the basics of L&D data and analytics—what data to get, why and how, and then what to do with it.

Learning Experience Design Essentials by Cara North Ships 2023 Q3

Learning Experience Design Essentials

Cara North

Learning Experience Design Essentials explores how new instructional designers and those looking to build their skills and align their function to the business can blend content and context to elevate learning experiences.

The Executive Coaching Playbook by Becky Davis and Nadine Greiner Ships 2023 Q4

The Executive Coaching Playbook

Becky Davis and Nadine Greiner

The Executive Coaching Playbook gives practical advice and an abundance of tools and techniques for anyone looking to launch, run, and grow their coaching business and endeavors.

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