Preapproved ATD Chapters

The ATD Chapters below have been preapproved to offer programs that qualify for recertification and initial professional development points for the APTD and CPTD credentials.
Chapters that are not pre-approved may provide programs that qualify for points if they meet guidelines laid out in the Handbook.
February 2018 COM Baton Rouge
ATD Baton Rouge Chapter
CHAP - September COM - Cascadia
ATD Cascadia Chapter
Orlando Image
ATD Central Florida Chapter
Central Massachusetts - March COM 2020
ATD Central Massachusetts Chapter
March 2021 COM - Central Pennsylvania
ATD Central Pennsylvania Chapter
February 2020 COM: Chicagoland
ATD Chicagoland Chapter
Ask a Trainer How Can I Support Corporate Culture During a Time of Change.jpg
ATD Cuyahoga Valley Chapter
Dallas, TX December Chapter of the Month 2017
ATD Dallas Chapter
30497_Greater Atlanta_Chapter of the Month_539305216
ATD Greater Atlanta Chapter
Greater Cincinnati - January COM 2020
ATD Greater Cincinnati Chapter
Greater Las Vegas July COM 2018
ATD Greater Las Vegas Chapter
Philadelphia skyline and Schuylkill river, USA. - May 2018 COM
ATD Greater Philadelphia Chapter
Hawaii June 2019 COM
ATD Hawaii Chapter
Houston August Chapter of the Month
ATD Houston Chapter
EDU - Kansas City KS Skyline
ATD Kansas City Chapter
Long island image
ATD Long Island Chapter
Maryland - December COM 2019
ATD Maryland Chapter
Learn From the BEST venue Washington DC
ATD Metro DC Chapter
November 2020 COM - Nebraska
ATD Nebraska Chapter
One World Trade Center and skyline of Manhattan in New York City, USA - New York City August 2021 Chapter of the Month
ATD New York City Chapter
ATD Northeast Florida
November COM 2018 Puget Sound
ATD Puget Sound Chapter
Rocky Mountain - March 2019 COM
ATD Rocky Mountain Chapter
CHP - San Diego December COM
ATD San Diego Chapter
ATD Smoky Mountain Chapter
Columbia, South Carolina November Chapter of the Month
ATD South Carolina Chapter
South Florida
ATD South Florida Chapter
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