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Develop Your Facilitation Skills and Find Your Authentic Training Style


(Alexandria, VA) October 18, 2022— In Facilitation in Action: Finding Your Authentic Training Style (October 2022, ATD Press), Carrie Addington, Jared Douglas, Nikki O’Keeffe, and Darryl Wyles, four master ATD facilitators, guide facilitators and trainers through the process of deepening their thinking and developing their skills in training and facilitation.

Drawing from their 55 years of collective experience spanning a range of industries, the authors provide considerations and stories, rooted in practical experience and application to help facilitators and trainers develop their individual skills, journey, and style. This is important for ensuring that facilitation and trainings have the greatest impact on participants and support the business goals of their organizations.

This book is a trainer’s how-to, manifesto, call to arms, and assessment of where facilitators have come from and where they are going. It is for new and aspiring trainers who are looking to learn from other trainers. It is also a book for those who are established in the field and looking for different approaches to trusted methodologies and attitudes. It is for any learning and development professional who wants to hear stories, examples, and practical tips that open their thinking around the impact a facilitator and trainer can have.
Facilitation in Action underscores the understanding that facilitation and training is personal. Through empathy and inclusion, effective facilitators and trainers connect with participants to ensure that they can fully absorb and apply the new content in their work. As such, facilitators should spend time developing and understanding their own style and leveraging their experiences and expertise to achieve desired results in a way that feels authentic.

“We present opportunities to redefine how facilitators and trainers think of honing their training delivery and facilitation skills in the dynamic landscape that is learning and development,” Carrie Addington explains. “We offer questions that facilitators should ask themselves and offer varying perspectives for facilitators’ considerations to help break down tangible and intangible aspects of our role.”

“As facilitators, we have the unique responsibility and privilege of influencing the way individuals show up in their daily lives when we facilitate. As Jared, Nikki, Darryl and I have collaborated on facilitating and delivering ATD’s certificate programs, it became apparent that there was an opportunity in facilitation and training resources to address individual growth and style above and beyond foundational principles of facilitation and adult learning. We are often asked by participants how they can take their individual experiences and facilitator skills to the next level. We realized that together we had a special opportunity to organize and share experiences, tips, and practical strategies in a book that would help answer this question. Train-the-trainer programs are so effective in developing a facilitation mindset and skillset, so we wanted to bring that magic and exploration to the pages of this book. We are so thrilled to introduce Facilitation in Action and look forward to continuing our individual and collective facilitation and training growth and to helping others hone their facilitation skills and styles.”

About the Authors


Carrie Addington is senior manager of learning experience and facilitator development at ATD where she leads the strategy for the facilitation and learning experience of ATD Education courses. She is a master facilitator and strengths-based people development coach with a passion for delivering practical learning experiences with a spirited energy. She is passionate about using her love of language and the arts to work with individuals on establishing deeper connections with their daily work.

Nikki O’Keeffe is program manager of facilitator development at ATD. As a certified ATD Master Trainer, ATD Master Instructional Designer, and APTD® credential holder, she understands the value of solid training plans and strong facilitation. Nikki’s mission statement is, “To connect, motivate, and challenge Talent Development Professionals to be the best version of themselves.”

Darryl Wyles is an internal ATD facilitator. With extensive experience in talent development, he has played major roles in transforming learning programs as a leader for large and small organizations in government and the financial services industry. Darryl enjoys the challenge of building organizational end-to-end training solutions from the ground up and is passionate about providing a fun and interactive learning environment in his workshops.

Jared Douglas is an internal ATD facilitator. He uses a learner-centric approach to create an engaging, inclusive environment in his sessions. As a consultant, he has worked with organizations across various industries to help clients develop and execute in-person, digital, and blended learning initiatives. Jared is fascinated by psychological perspectives and enjoys connecting theoretical content with practical and relevant applications in day-to-day activities.


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Facilitation in Action: Finding Your Authentic Training Style
ISBN: 9781953946362 | 228 Pages | Paperback
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To schedule an interview with Carrie Addington, Jared Douglas, Nikki O’Keeffe, and Darryl Wyles, please contact Kay Hechler, ATD Press senior marketing manager, at [email protected] or 703.683.8178.

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