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The Modern Learning Ecosystem Framework Helps L&D Teams Become Disruption-Ready


(Alexandria, VA) November 29, 2022—In The Modern Learning Ecosystem: A New L&D Mindset for the Ever-Changing Workplace (ATD Press, November 2022), L&D expert JD Dillon presents the Modern Learning Ecosystem (MLE) Framework, challenging organizations and their L&D teams to adopt a new learning mindset and create a learning and performance ecosystem that is ready for disruption.

For L&D teams that struggle to keep pace with change, recognize the shortcomings of traditional training tactics, and struggle with how to move forward, the MLE framework offers a practical approach for navigating nonstop workplace change.

With the MLE Framework, Dillon covers six elements all employees need for doing their best work: shared knowledge, performance support, reinforcement, coaching, pull training, and push training. Instead of throwing formal training at every problem, the framework encourages organizations to shift L&D’s direction from programmatic to systematic and put the employee at the center of the learning experience.

“The framework helps L&D expand beyond our traditional limitations,” states Dillon. “This is why I use the term ecosystem within the name. The framework acknowledges that learning is not based on an individual piece of content or a single event. Rather, a purposeful blend of tools, tactics, and technologies is required to foster ongoing development and performance improvement. The MLE Framework transforms L&D’s six core practices into a strategic blueprint for tackling disruption.”

Too often, L&D tactics are chosen based on convenience or stakeholder requirements, without consideration for what best fits the problem L&D professionals are trying to solve. This causes confusion for employees, who are provided with an inconsistent learning experience, and ultimately reduces L&D’s effectiveness. The MLE Framework fixes this problem by aligning tactics with core practices.

“Disruption and opportunity are the two most important words in L&D,” contends Dillon. “Disruption is an everyday reality. There’s always going to be a new product, process, regulatory requirement, or safety consideration. In some cases, disruption creates new opportunities. In others, disruption holds people back from exploring new opportunities. When companies spend most of their time, effort, and resources trying to fend off competitors or just getting the basics right, they’re unable to look ahead, identify promising new trends, and seize future-focused opportunities.”

L&D must always look ahead. The MLE Framework offers L&D a fresh starting point, allowing L&D professionals to rework how they apply tactics so that people learn, develop, and solve problems on the job.


Dillon states, The Modern Learning Ecosystem will help you reimagine your L&D practices so you can help people solve today’s biggest problems while developing the knowledge and skills they’ll need to be successful in the future.”


About the Author

JD Dillon is chief learning architect at Axonify. He became a learning and performance expert more than two decades ago working in operations and talent development with dynamic organizations, including Disney, Kaplan, and AMC. As a respected author and speaker in the professional community, JD continues to apply his passion for helping people around the world do their best work every day.


JD is also the founder of LearnGeek, an insights and advisory practice, through which he publishes a variety of content and advises organizations on their learning, performance, and technology strategies. He graduated from the University of Central Florida with degrees in communications and marketing. He also has an MBA from Kaplan University. You can find JD riding his Peloton, refusing to stand in line for rides at theme parks in Orlando, Florida, or online at

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