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ATD’s Best On Learning Technology (PDF)

711504BEST_ATD’s Best On Learning Technology (PDF)
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The learning technology landscape is always evolving, and it can be challenging to keep up. However, it’s important to stay on top of new developments because technology allows us to reach learners in ways we never thought possible. While e-learning courses have been around for some time, the impact of mobile and social technologies is still being realized.

These 24 selections from books, research reports, TD at Work and Infoline, and TD magazine cover a range of topics that are geared toward helping you better understand how to design and deliver technology-enabled learning solutions.

Part I, “E-Learning Design and Development,” covers fundamental concepts about the design of e-learning courses. Selections include a TD at Work issue, an Infoline, two book chapters, and a TD magazine article.

Part II, “Virtual Classroom,” covers the design and delivery of synchronous online training. Selections include three book chapters and two TD magazine articles.

Part III, “Social and Collaborative Learning,” looks at how we can utilize social media and tools to help learners collaborate and learn from one another. Selections include a TD at Work, a book chapter, and two TD magazine articles.

Part IV, “Mobile Learning,” looks at the current mobile learning landscape and includes information to help you understand mobile design and developing a strategy for mobile.  Selections include a research whitepaper, a book chapter, an Infoline, and two TD magazine articles.

Part V, “Game Design and Gamification,” looks at these popular trends and helps you understand how you can leverage game elements to create more engaging and memorable learning. This section includes a research whitepaper, a book chapter, a TD at Work, and two TD magazine articles.

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