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ATD's Handbook for Consultants

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Turn to the Definitive Guide for All Your Consulting Questions

ATD’s Handbook for Consultants unpacks what it takes to run a successful consulting practice that delivers world-class solutions for clients all with the benefits of a self-directed work life.

As companies and organizations become increasingly strategic with how they use employee resources, more are engaging external consultants as highly skilled temporary labor when they lack the specialized expertise to handle their growing needs. Without the staffing flexibility to complete special projects that require more employee hours and specialized skills, companies recognize the benefits of fresh perspectives, new ideas, outside opinions, and the speed and efficiency of an expert consultant who in many cases has already tackled similar challenges with other companies.

Consulting is at the top of the list of career moves for talent development professionals and others who have unique skill sets and expertise. Whether you’re considering branching out on your own, you’ve just launched and are struggling to keep yourself afloat, or you’re looking to take your business to the next level, this book will help you clarify your “why” and make your transition a soft landing. Learn to set a business strategy, write winning business proposals, and market your products and services. Gain perspectives on multiple consulting career paths—from forming an independent consultancy to joining a boutique consulting practice to consulting with a large company.

Edited by consulting powerhouse Elaine Biech, this book is broken into five parts:

  • Exploring Consulting: So you want to be a consultant

  • Getting Started: Plan your consulting future

  • Delivering Results: The work of a consultant

  • Developing Business: Find and keep clients

  • Focusing on Your Future: Define success your way

Tap into the sage wisdom, actionable takeaways, and practical tools in this book, and set yourself apart from the competition on your journey to becoming a successful consultant.

Book Details

  • ISBN: 9781957157344

  • Pages: 528

  • Publication Date: May 2024

  • Formats: Paperback

  • Product Code: 112402

About the Authors
Elaine Biech, CPTD Fellow

Elaine Biech, CPTD fellow, believes excellence isn’t optional. Her passion is helping others achieve their passion. She specializes in maximizing individual, team, and organizational effectiveness using her expertise in OD, training, and consulting. Elaine has designed and delivered thousands of training courses and apps. Highlights of her career include designing and implementing the first process improvement programs for the Newport News Shipbuilding Company and McDonalds; designing and facilitating the first creativity program for Hershey Chocolate; and facilitating one of the world’s first virtual training sessions in 1985 for NASA.

Elaine’s been called a titan of the training industry and has published 89 books, including The Art & Science of Training, which was a Washington Post number 1 bestseller. She has presented for 38 consecutive years at ATD’s International Conference & EXPO, and has been featured in dozens of publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Management Update, the Washington Post, and Fortune.

Elaine has been active with ATD since 1982—she’s served on the national board of directors, designed ATD’s first training certificate program, was ATD’s inaugural CPTD Fellow designee, and most recently was the principal author of ATD’s TDBoK Guide™. A talent development thought leader, Elaine was the recipient of ATD’s 1992 Torch Award, 2004 Volunteer-Staff Partnership Award, 2006 Bliss Memorial Award, and the 2020 Distinguished Contribution to Talent Development Award. In addition, she was the recipient of ISA’s 2001 Spirit Award, 2012 Outstanding Contributor Award, and 2022 Thought Leader Award. She was also the recipient of Wisconsin’s Women’s Mentor Award and sponsors several scholarship funds. Elaine currently serves on the board of directors for ISA, the Association of Learning Providers, and the board of governors for the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL).

Praise for this Book

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Tools for Section I. Exploring Consulting: So, You Want to Be a Consultant?


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Tools for Section II. Getting Started: Your Plan for Success


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Tools for Section III. Delivering Results: The Work of a Consultant


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Tools for Section IV. Developing Business: Finding and Keeping Clients


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Tools for Section V. Focusing on Your Future: Define Success Your Way


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