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Career Development Basics

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110910_Career Development Basics
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Even in the best financial times, career development is often relegated to the back burner because it's seen as a short-term cost rather than a long-term investment with lasting impact. But the reality is that career development helps people strive for meaningful accomplishment in the workplace, and both individuals and organizations thrive when their goals are being met.

This book is intended to empower training and development leaders with the knowledge and tools needed to become catalysts for bringing a career development focus to their organizations. Because busy managers in today's hectic business environment already have plenty on their plates, Career Development Basics jump-starts the learning curve by providing a succinct, ready-to-apply approach to this challenge.

Within this book you'll find a sound, no-nonsense framework for implementing a career development focus, supplemented by an array of easy-to-understand materials including worksheets, comparison charts, case studies, flowcharts, and specific forms for turnover cost calculation and a sample performance review.

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  • ISBN: 9781562865467

  • Pages: 144

  • Publication Date: June 2009

  • Formats: Paperback, PDF

  • Product Code: 110910

About the Authors
McKay Christensen

McKay Christensen holds a PhD in education and is president of Melaleuca, an $850 million international consumer products company with more than 3,300 employees. In both his current position and his past leadership roles with Fortune 500 companies, he has had the opportunity to develop his career development and leadership skills and then teach them to others. The author of more than 30 published articles on leadership and business principles, Christensen conveys a heartfelt passion for leading in a way that helps others reach their full potential.

Michael Kroth

Michael Kroth is assistant professor of adult and organizational learning at the University of Idaho, leadership field editor for ASTD's In-Practice newsletter, and a regular presenter at ASTD conferences internationally. In his prior years as an internal consultant, he developed and administered corporate leadership development and succession planning programs. Kroth is the author of The Manager as Motivator and co-author of Transforming Work: The Five Keys to Achieving Trust, Commitment, and Passion in the Workplace and Career Development Basics.

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