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Designing for Modern Learning

Beyond ADDIE and SAM

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112004_Designing for Modern Learning
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Meet Learning Needs With New Thinking

Learning is no longer an activity or luxury that only occurs at specific stages in your life or career. With the digital revolution, learning has become immediate, real-time, and relevant. As a learning and development professional, you’ve likely confronted the digital learning revolution, but you are armed with instructional design models from the pre-digital world. Now, today’s digital universe has a learning design model to integrate both new technologies and tried-and-true learning methods into the learning experience design: learning cluster design.

Designing for Modern Learning: Beyond ADDIE and SAM offers you and your learners a new way to design learning experiences. It describes the fundamental shift that has occurred in the nature of L&D’s role as a result of the digital revolution and introduces a new five-step model: the Owens-Kadakia Learning Cluster Design Model (OK-LCD Model), a new five-step model for training design that meets the needs of modern learning. The model’s five steps or actions are an easy-to-follow mnemonic—CLUSTER:

  • Change on-the-job behavior.

  • Learn learner-to-learner differences.

  • Upgrade existing assets.

  • Surround learning with meaningful assets.

  • Track transformation of Everyone’s Results.

In each chapter, the authors share stories of business leaders, L&D professionals, and learning professionals who have successfully adopted the OK-LCD Model, detailing how they altered organizational mindsets to meet the needs of modern learners and their organizations. Included are how-to features, tools, tips, and real-life “in practice” sections.

This is an exciting time to be in L&D. It’s time to join the modern learning design revolution. of learning clusters.

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  • ISBN: 9781950496655

  • Pages: 200

  • Publication Date: June 2020

  • Formats: Paperback, PDF

  • Product Code: 112004

About the Authors
Lisa M.D. Owens

Lisa M.D. Owens is a learning expert who combines her engineering mindset with a deep interest in instructional design and learning sciences to create training that moves business forward. In 2016, Lisa and Crystal Kadakia began researching issues facing L&D in this modern age to discover the next step in the L&D industry’s evolution beyond blended learning. This led to a highly rated ATD LearnNOW program, which then inspired the book they co-authored for ATD Press, Designing for Modern Learning: Beyond ADDIE and SAM. Lisa also co-authored the ATD Press book Leaders as Teachers Action Guide , which is based on her experiences as global training leader at Procter & Gamble.

Crystal Kadakia

Crystal Kadakia is a two-time TEDx speaker, organizational consultant, and best-selling author, known for transforming the toughest workplace changes into exciting possibilities for our digital world. As a consultant, she brings organizations into the digital age, reimagining people strategies with clients in areas such as career development, learning culture, inclusion, leadership development, and employee engagement. Past clients include General Mills, Southern Company, Monster.com, Sierra Club, and other organizations.

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