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Is the LMS Dead?

Learning Management Technology in Today’s Organizations

191806_Is the LMS Dead?
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Is the learning management system (LMS) dead? Of course not, but the question has been asked across industry media time and again, raising hackles and fueling debate among talent development professionals and learning technology providers.

Is the LMS Dead?: Learning Management Technology in Today’s Organizations reports on the current state of the LMS and its prevalence: 83 percent of surveyed learning professionals (90-plus percent from large companies) confirmed current LMS use, and 71 percent said they had seen that use increase over the past two years.

This research also benchmarked the current use of two technologies that may complement the LMS—learning record stores (LRS) and training management systems (TMS)—finding that neither enjoys the expansive adoption of the LMS. Through survey and interviews, talent development practitioners share their exasperation with current learning technologies, lessons learned in their searches for new products and features, and the learning-enhancing capabilities they anticipate in the near future.

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  • ISBN: 9781947308114

  • Pages: 44

  • Publication Date: December 2018

  • Formats: Paperback, PDF, Whitepaper

  • Product Code: 191806

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