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ASTD Research: The Rise of Social Media (PDF Download)

791004_ASTD Research: The Rise of Social Media (PDF Download)
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The ASTD _Rise of Social Media_ report explores the business case for supporting and using social media technologies from a learners point of view. This exclusive perspective provides business leaders with insight for a new strategic priority: to leverage the power of social media tools in order to maximize learning and increase the performance of the entire workforce. While most organizations have yet to fully embrace the use of social media in the workplace, there is a strong belief among the professionals surveyed that adoption of social media technologies will continue to grow in the coming years. Hence, it is critical for business leaders to prepare for the fundamental shift in habits and expectations that the surging Millennial generation will bring to the workplace- computers and collaborative technologies are an extension of who they are. This report includes valuable results and recommendations to help executives make strategic decisions that can positively affect organizational goals and growth. Product SKU: 791004 ISBN: 978-1-60728-915-9 Pages: 96 Publisher: ASTD Press Pub Date: 2010 Format: PDF

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  • ISBN: 9781562867416

  • Publication Date: April 2010

  • Formats: PDF

  • Product Code: 791004

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