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Developing High-Performance Leadership Teams

251409_Developing High-Performance Leadership Teams
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Today’s work challenges often demand the best and brightest to come together, each one offering expertise in her special niche. However, when “leaders of leaders” come together to form a leadership team, challenges often arise. Leaders are used to having the final say, and are often unaccustomed to the collaborative, team-oriented relationships required of leadership teams. 

In this TD at Work, you will: 

• Define what leadership teams do.• Determine whether or not you have the right leadership structure.• Discover the challenges and benefits of leadership teams.• Learn how to launch a new leadership team.• Determine how to measure the success of a leadership team.

Book Details

  • ISBN: 9781562869595

  • Pages: 20

  • Publication Date: September 2014

  • Formats: Paperback, PDF

  • Product Code: 251409

About the Authors
Lynda McDermott

Lynda has developed leadership teams in more than 35 countries in a wide variety of industries. She is a Certified Speaking Professional with a master’s degree in organization development, and is a speaker, consultant, and coach. In addition to her best-selling book, World Class Teams, she is the author of three ATD TD at Work publications, including “Basics of Emotional Intelligence," “The Power of Peer Coaching," and "Developing High-Performance Leadership Teams." Lynda’s clients, which include Pfizer, Hearst Magazines, Eli Lilly, Vogue magazine, NYK Liner, and Indianapolis Power & Light, repeatedly seek Lynda’s counsel for help to continuously improve their individual and organizational results.

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