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Game Thinking: From Content to Actions

252001_Game Thinking: From Content to Actions
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L&D professionals may think of games and gamification as silver bullets for engagement and motivation issues that add fun to workplace learning. But they need to use those tools to show value, rather than showcase fun. This requires a mindset shift and a move from content to actions through game thinking. In this issue of TD at Work, Zsolt Olah delves into the definition of games and gamification. He also:

  • details considerations for building a game-based learning strategy that is engaging and effective

  • presents case studies of when to use game-based learning or gamification and when not to.

  • offers tips on how to keep learners—that is, players—in mind while building learning games.

Book Details

  • ISBN: 9781950496556

  • Pages: 20

  • Publication Date: January 2020

  • Formats: Paperback, PDF

  • Product Code: 252001

About the Authors
Zsolt Olah

Zsolt Olah works in workforce development as a Manager, Digital Learning & Experience at Amazon Web Service with over 20 years of experience in the learning and development space. His passion, to combine innovative learning and performance technology with human-centered design, goes back to his thesis project, where he built an artificial neural-network using machine learning.

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