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Instructional Design for Technical Training

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250612_Instructional Design for Technical Training
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Technical training helps employees perform the unique aspects of specialized or skilled work and apply specific tools, equipment, and processes to that work. But how do you go about conducting this hard skills training that is so important to the survival of many industries? This Infoline will provide an overview of how to identify and plan hard skills training solutions. Whats more, this Infoline will help you identify and leverage the expertise of important technical stakeholder groups, execute a standard instructional design life cycle, and avoid common challenges inherent to hard skills training.

Book Details

  • ISBN: 9781562864361

  • Pages: 16

  • Publication Date: December 2006

  • Formats: Paperback, PDF

  • Product Code: 250612

About the Authors
Wendy Combs

Wendy is the director of organizational development and leadership development at Kaiser Permanente. She is also an adjunct professor for MBA, MPA, and Human Resources degree programs. Wendy enjoys designing strategy and team building sessions, facilitation, coaching and organization development.

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