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Self-Directed Learning Made Simple

251904_Self-Directed Learning Made Simple
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Life is busy and time is limited, but self-directed learning allows individuals to learn at their own pace and on their own time. Self-directed learning opens opportunities for L&D professionals to help individuals grow and learn. In this issue of TD at Work, Amanda Smith details:

· what self-directed learning is

· questions to pose to learners before implementing a program

· ways to use self-directed learning in the context of a larger development program

· key components for building a self-directed learning program.

Book Details

  • ISBN: 9781949036671

  • Pages: 20

  • Publication Date: April 2019

  • Formats: Paperback, PDF

  • Product Code: 251904

About the Authors
Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith is the former Learning & Development Community of Practice manager at the Association for Talent Development (ATD). Her specialties include educational planning, PR/marketing, and project management. Amanda has more than 12 years of experience in the non-profit sector, developing and marketing professional development programs for the adult learner.

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