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Using Video in E-Learning

251310_Using Video in E-Learning
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Smartphones and inexpensive cameras have made video ubiquitous. More than 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Video is so easy to create and share that it has completely changed the way we communicate. There are many areas of training that can and will be transformed by the addition of video. Even if “fun” isn’t a word that normally describes your training topic, video can change that. Great video has the power to engage and be memorable. But make no mistake. Making great video is complex.

The problem is not every e-learning professional has hours of video training or an unlimited budget. So where does an L&D professional begin?

This Infoline will show you:

  • Why you need video in e-learning

  • Video mistakes to avoid

  • The steps in the creation of a training video

  • How to capture sound

  • Tricks and techniques to make your video projects great.

This Infoline also offers pros and cons of commonly used lights, cameras, and editing suites; and provides a preproduction checklist for your video shoot.

Book Details

  • ISBN: 9781562868840

  • Pages: 16

  • Publication Date: October 2013

  • Formats: Paperback, PDF

  • Product Code: 251310

About the Authors
Stephen Haskin

Stephen Haskin started working in video production and computing in the 1970s. He has worked with digital video and e-learning since the late 1980s and has been a pioneer of streaming media. Stephen was a producer and director of film and video, and has won many awards for his work. He worked for the University of Michigan for six years and has now returned to the private sector, where he currently directs and consults for e-learning projects and video. A frequent speaker at conferences and seminars, Stephen is the author of three books, and is writing a fourth about media in learning.

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