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ATD Research: Learners of the Future Whitepaper (PDF)

791506-WP_ATD Research: Learners of the Future Whitepaper (PDF)
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In a mere five years, learning will look dramatically different from what it looks like today, and organizational learning and development functions aren’t prepared to meet the needs of tomorrow’s learners. ATD and the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) surveyed 405 learning professionals, and a robust 59 percent agreed that learning in 2020 will take place in ways that we can’t imagine today. Alarmingly, a mere 38 percent of those surveyed felt that their organizational learning functions would be ready to meet learners’ needs five years from now. Even more concerning, most learning functions aren’t currently taking steps to correct this situation. To find out what actions learning functions can take now, ATD and i4cp interviewed several leaders of learning functions that are actively imagining and preparing for the future. Learners of the Future presents the findings.

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  • ISBN: 9781562869878

  • Publication Date: November 2015

  • Formats: PDF

  • Product Code: 791506-WP

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