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Combatting the Great Resignation: Professional Development as a Tool to Boost Employee Satisfaction and Reduce Turnover

The term Great Resignation—also known as the Big Quit and Great Reshuffle—was coined in May 2021 by Texas A&M University professor Anthony Klotz. The previous month, more than 4 million US workers quit their jobs, a 20-year high according to the Job Openings and Labor Turnover survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. February 2022 was the ninth consecutive month to have job quits exceed 4 million. Klotz and some economists have hypothesized the Great Resignation could last for years.

So, what can companies do to avoid falling victim to the Great Resignation? One proven tactic is to boost employee satisfaction. Thirty-three percent of US workers who left their jobs in 2021 cited no opportunities for advancement as a major reason for quitting. Data and case studies show that prioritizing professional development (PD) is a solution that works.

Creating a Culture of Learning
Forbes shared some eye-opening figures on employee demand for PD:

  • 87 percent of millennials consider PD important.
  • Only 30 percent of employees are satisfied with their current PD opportunities.
  • 70 percent of high performers lack crucial attributes essential to their future career success.

Embracing a culture of learning is critical to minimize employee churn as well as attract new hires. Employees, including company leaders, want and need PD opportunities to grow hard skills like digital marketing or soft skills like leadership and negotiation.

Growing a culture of learning doesn’t mean offering just periodic upskilling or reskilling; companies must ensure employees learn continually. And with more and more companies committing to hybrid or fully remote approaches, they must adopt PD strategies that can be delivered in a convenient format for employees wherever, whenever.

How a Digital Library Can Be a Game Changer
Developing the kind of PD offering that fosters a culture of learning may seem like a steep hill to climb. But it doesn’t have to be.

Companies of all shapes and sizes running the gambit across industries are leveraging digital libraries as a critical tool in combatting the Great Resignation and filling open roles. Available anytime, anywhere on the devices employees use every day, a digital library enables companies to curate a custom collection of e-books, audiobooks, magazines, and streaming media to fuel game-changing PD programs.

Companies are using digital libraries to facilitate shared reading opportunities around certain topics, including diversity and inclusion and productivity and entrepreneurship, helping ensure everyone develops the same understanding and building a culture of learning. With digital libraries, employees also can independently explore topics of interest, determine an area they want to work on or skill they want to develop, and find focused information that helps them grow. Empowering employees with agency over their learning is key. Thirty-five percent of US workers who left their jobs in 2021 identified feeling disrespected as a major reason for doing so.

Learning Employees Are Happy Employees
It’s unknown just how long the Great Resignation will linger. But what is known is that employees who learn more report being happier, less stressed, more productive, and more confident. Take action to boost employee satisfaction and reduce turnover by promoting a culture of learning that prioritizes professional development with innovative resources like a digital library that meet the evolving needs of your workforce.

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