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Enabling your Learners with On-Demand Training

When we think of employee training, we often associate a formalized employee onboarding program that sets up learners to succeed in their subsequent roles. However, with our current recreational technology, sourcing information for solutions to commonplace problems happens on-demand. With just a couple of clicks or swipes, you can find the right way to do just about anything.

Why should work be any different? When we strategize our corporate training design as a lasting process, we should incorporate all the training innovations we can. In the case of on-demand training, this involves finding the best way to deploy training resources, knowing what kinds of resources you want readily available, and keeping those aids accessible wherever your users may be.

On-Demand Information
For an industry such as manufacturing, there is an incredible volume of resources associated with machine operations, processes, maintenance, and service. If a machine develops technical issues, then production will stagnate. This might have a pretty serious impact on your profitability. Manuals may have the answers somewhere, but how accessible is the support when your employees need it? Migrating technical resources into easier to navigate digital systems creates a faster and more user-friendly experience. Most importantly, it lends to finding solutions more quickly and returning to work faster. However, this doesn’t just apply to urgent cases; in many cases, having resource guides and checklists readily available is just enough to prevent operational issues.
Searchable Resources

Having access to digital versions of manuals can also direct users to additional supporting resources, such as training aids, operational videos, and links to essential handouts. Instead of having to manually search for the content you need to access, all your resources should be in one location, ready to open at the click of a mouse or the tap of a finger. Finding relevant resources has never been easier, and having such a variety of resources engages learners more effectively. You can also develop microlearning modules, driven by user needs. Give your employees access to a whole library of resources. It will give them the opportunity to improve their skills and find immediate solutions to their technical and performance problems.

Let Learners Take Charge
The biggest draw to having performance support transitioned to electronic resources comes from accessibility. Digital versions mean that the user can access the content from anywhere at any time, instead of being reliant on a trainer’s availability. Instead, users can observe and review what they need to when it is most convenient for them. Rather than relying on situations demanding remedial training to occur, learners now have the ability to get ahead of their learning and take the initiative to improve their skills without having to track down and secure physical references and guides.

Training is an opportunity to improve not just your business, but your employees as well. With the right tools, your learners can have access to the assets that support their performance at their convenience. In the end, this will save your employees time and help your business operate more effectively.

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