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Learn Your Way With an Open Source LMS

Is your learning management system (LMS) platform meeting your organization’s training objectives? Are you modifying your programs to fit the LMS rather than optimizing your LMS to deliver the best learning?

With open source LMS solutions such as Totara Learn, you are empowered to shape the platform so it best fits your needs. Rather than one size fits all, open source LMS platforms ask, "What solution suits you?" That way you can have the flexibility and security of getting the features in addition to the analytics and support you need.

Customize an Open Source LMS Solution That Works for You
An open source LMS offers each organization the ability to create unique user experience by modifying the system to fit their exact specifications. The beauty of it all lies in the LMS base code being the foundation and not a designation. If your organization wants a specific feature, you can add to the code or incorporate plugins. Similarly, you can easily customize the look and feel of the system to reflect your organization's branding.

Invest in What Matters
When implementing an open source software, you gain more control over how you allocate your resources. Open source solutions offer the flexibility to choose the hosting, implementation, and support services that best meet your needs.

A proprietary LMS provider owns their system's code, which means that they are the only organization that can support that system. This comes with an enormous amount of costs with dedicated resources assigned to maintaining your LMS. On the other hand, with an open source LMS, you have the freedom to choose your own service provider or operate your platform in-house.

Your organization can generate significant savings by implementing an open source LMS. When you consider the total cost of ownership, customizing an open source LMS has been found to be more affordable than operating a proprietary LMS solution.

Benefit From a Global User Community
Open source platforms such as Moodle and Totara are supported by a global community of developers. Many different users work with the code on a regular basis, so bugs and security issues can be identified and resolved quickly.

With open source code, users have the power to update the platform with new features to enhance its functionality and security. Your organization can benefit from the contributions of thousands of other user communities around the world. LMS users frequently share their experiences and have created millions of learning resources.

Your organization can build upon a flexible, feature-rich open source LMS to create a solution that delivers the best performance for you. With hundreds of customizations and plugins to choose from, there are endless ways to make your LMS more cost-effective, intuitive, and engaging.

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