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Create Your L&D Measurement, Analytics, and Reporting Strategy
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Learn the principles of measurement, analytics, and reporting, and practice what you learn through the companion volumes Measurement Demystified and Measurement Demystified Field Guide, by Peggy Parskey and David Vance.

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Publisher: ATD
Release Date: March 2022
Product Code: 142202

  • Included in This Product
  • Measurement Demystified
    Measurement Demystified presents an easy-to-use framework to simplify the discussion of measurement, analytics, and reporting as it relates to L&D and talent development practitioners.
  • Measurement Demystified Field Guide
    Measurement Demystified Field Guide workbook provides nearly 100 exercises to help uncover what measurement work your organization is doing, assess organizational maturity and gaps, and determine what’s right for your organization moving forward.