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The ATD Soft Skills comprises five books with each one focusing on a different soft skill that TD professionals need for developing themselves, others, and their organizations—emotional intelligence, adaptability, creativity, influence, and teamwork. Organized into two parts, Part I of each book breaks down the skill into what it is, why it’s important, and what challenges it brings. Part 2 turns the lens on your daily work and how to practice, build, and perfect the skill on the job. Featuring worksheets, self-reflection exercises, and best practices, these books will empower you to develop career resiliency by matching your talent development technical expertise with your newfound soft skill abilities.

Book Details
Publisher: ATD
Release Date: January 2022
Product Code: 142106

  • Included in This Product
  • Emotional Intelligence in Talent Development
    Emotional Intelligence in Talent Development is your resource for developing your emotional intelligence skills. Expert Patrick Malone explains emotional intelligence and explores its five dimensions: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills.
  • Adaptability in Talent Development
    TD expert Esther Jackson takes you through a process of raising your self-awareness and developing an adaptive mindset. This means embracing feedback, recognizing your mistakes, and turning them into learning and development moments.
  • Creativity in Talent Development
    Creativity in Talent Development offers a purposeful and practical way to become more creative. This book defines creativity and outlines how you can smash organizational, team, and personal barriers, and it will have you unleashing your inner creative and inspiring creativity in others.
  • Teamwork in Talent Development
    Teamwork in Talent Development is for talent development professionals who serve as team leaders or team members and wish to improve their collaboration abilities, build successful teams, and maximize their team performance for solving business problems, meeting learning needs, promoting culture change, and more.
  • Influence in Talent Development
    Influence in Talent Development examines the growing importance of personal influence at work and its impact on your relationships, career, and organizational success.