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The Talent Development Book Bundle

A comprehensive look at how to stay on top of your game as a TD professional.
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Talent development is so different from training that it takes two books to explain it! Using a logical eight-step framework, ATD's Foundations of Talent Development and ATD's Action Guide to Talent Development present a curated TD library packed with assessments, checklists, job aids, templates, and worksheets you can implement immediately, along with contributions from 93 recognized experts in the field. Everything’s there to help you make the switch from training to talent development.

Book Details
Publisher: ATD
Release Date: August 2018
Product Code: 141818

  • Included in This Product
  • ATD’s Foundations of Talent Development: Launching, Leveraging, and Leading Your Organization's TD Effort
    The field of training has evolved to become a talent development industry with a new focus and vision. ATD’s Foundations for Talent Development addresses this shift, providing the resources you need to navigate the changes and help grow your career and organization. Offering practical guidance and required information, this book should become a “trusted advisor” to senior leaders.
  • ATD's Action Guide to Talent Development: A Practical Approach to Building Your Organization's TD Effort
    As you position your organization’s talent development effort for the future, what you need to know grows exponentially. ATD's Action Guide to Talent Development follows the same eight-step framework as its companion volume, leading you through valuable concepts, designs, and ideas for defining your organization’s learning foundation through preparing for the future. The genesis stems from theory, but this is real-world application and action. Make the switch from training to talent development today.