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Do you want to be a well-rounded talent development practitioner? You need the What Works bundle!
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Do you want to be a well-rounded talent development practitioner? You need the What Works bundle! This bundle includes all three publications in the What Works in Talent Development series. Each publication specializes in different areas of the talent development industry. From starting your own program to creating a memorable onboarding experience, this bundle will help you. Plus, by bundling, you save 15 percent on the individual price of each book!

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Publisher: ATD
Release Date: November 2018
Product Code: 141823

  • Included in This Product
  • Starting a Talent Development Program
    From the esteemed Elaine Biech comes What Works in Talent Development: Starting a Talent Development Program. Developing talent in your organization is important, and this publication will help you to do so. Biech interweaves best practices with the latest technology to offer many templates, tools, worksheets, and tips to help you explore how to support your organization into the future. Get this publication if you need guidance on how to start, design, and implement your talent development program.
  • Blended Learning
    In What Works in Talent Development: Blended Learning you’ll have easy-to-apply techniques to ensure your blended learning program is a success. Jennifer Hofmann combines the latest findings in adult learning with her time-tested best practices to deliver powerful results. Pro tips, resources, and tools included throughout help you quickly locate concepts and ideas to plan, design, implement, and evaluate a blended campaign.
  • Effective Onboarding
    Lastly, with What Works in Talent Development: Effective Onboarding you’ll understand the importance of investing in an effective onboarding experience. Norma Dávila and Wanda Piña-Ramírez combine their significant consulting experience and the latest onboarding trends to create a single source for onboarding best practices, job aids, templates, and checklists. Effective Onboarding clarifies the differences between orientation and onboarding, describes how to build a business case for your onboarding program, and guides you to design, implement, evaluate, and sustain the program that’s right for your organization