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Accenture has grown to become the world’s largest comprehensive professional services firm, with 375,000 employees around the globe. Accenture’s learning and talent development function has responded to this global growth by executing an equally dramatic revolution in learning. At Accenture, talent development uses cutting edge technology to support human interaction.

Accenture now has six regional learning centers—in North America, Ireland, Spain, England, India, and Malaysia—dozens of high-tech connected classrooms, and mobile learning in the pocket of every Accenture employee. At every level, and in every location, the latest advances in telecommunications and electronics are embraced, but always to serve human interaction, not to strangle it.

Tech and touch are the yin and yang of the company’s learning and talent development strategy. “We bring technology in purposefully, and then we take it out. Because technology enhances for all of the reasons we know, but we want to have this connectedness,” explains Rahul Varma, the visionary chief learning officer at Accenture. “We are on a path to be the most uniquely human organization in the world.”

Accenture: Delivering High Touch Learning With High Tech Tools features interviews with top talent development leaders, photographs, and an in-depth look at how Accenture’s worldwide learning centers and programs reflect the philosophy of “technology, with people first.”

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