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Change Enablement: Skills for Addressing Change—the latest research report from the Association for Talent Development (ATD)—found that an overwhelming 92 percent of organizations have endured change over the last three years. In fact, participants were most likely to report that their organization had experienced transformational changes—defined here as a change where a shift in strategy happens and is attributed to external or environmental pressures.

This report identifies the current trends in organizational change enablement practices. Specifically, it examines the importance of the various skills each employee group—individual contributors, managers and supervisors, and senior leaders—should have during times of change. It goes on to identify whether training is provided in each corresponding skill. The report also examines both the benefits and challenges associated with change-related skills training, as well as the timing of such training. Included are insights and recommendations from subject matter experts on how TD professionals can improve the effectiveness of their organization’s change efforts.

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