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Do supervisors command higher salaries than individual contributors? How much value do employees place on the different benefits offered by their organizations? Do talent development workers think their employers should allow them to work from home more often? And how many talent development professionals are actively looking for new employment?

ATD Research explored these questions, and more, in How Does Your Pay Stack Up? 2017 Talent Development Compensation, Benefits, and Job Seeker Report, the result of a survey of 1,230 full-time talent development professionals in the United States. The report takes a close look at 2017 salaries, compensation, benefits, and job seeker data. Participants were primarily instructional designers or trainers and had more than 11 years of experience in the industry. According to the report, the median talent development salary has increased since 2015.

The compensation, benefits, and job seeker information in this report empowers talent development professionals to benchmark personal earnings and benefits and enables organizations to evaluate their offerings.

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