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While talent development leaders don’t all agree on what to call lifelong learning—also referred to as continuous learning, agile learning, learning drive, or nothing at all—they do agree on traits and behaviors lifelong learners exhibit, such as self-motivation, insatiable curiosity, and intelligent risk taking. In the report Lifelong Learning: The Path to Personal and Organizational Performance, ATD and i4cp found that nearly 45 percent of talent development leaders in organizations overall said that building workforces of lifelong learners was a priority, and more than a third actively encouraged continuous learning. This report sought to determine the strategies talent developers are using to set the stage for greater learning agility, help employees move toward lifelong learning, and encourage those workers to share knowledge with their colleagues. In addition, interviews with talent development leaders from several top companies offer insights into practices they’ve implemented to drive self-directed and lifelong learning in their organizations.

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