Microlearning -Bite-sized Knowledge
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Microlearning is a hot topic in talent development; however, while many agree that microlearning is delivered in bite-sized chunks, further details vary. To bring some clarity to this topic, the Association for Talent Development (ATD) surveyed 596 talent development professionals, finding that 38 percent currently use microlearning and another 41 percent plan to start within the next year. The majority (92 percent) of those whose organizations currently use microlearning indicated that they believed their use of microlearning would increase in the future.

Given that so many talent development professionals anticipate an increased use of microlearning, it’s important to explore benefits and barriers to effective microlearning. Microlearning: Delivering Bite-Sized Knowledge investigates the primary delivery methods organizations use for microlearning, as well as the primary elements organizations integrate into their microlearning activities.

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