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Personalized and Adaptive Learning

Shaping Employee Development for Engagement and Performance
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Organizations—especially market leaders—are evolving the use of personalized and adaptive learning. Their aims? To drive greater speed and agility by enabling employees to focus on learning most critical to their performance, and to build workforces with the continuous-learning and growth mindsets that innovation, competitive advantage, and sustained business excellence demand.

Personalized learning provides instruction tailored to an individual based on the learner’s interests, experience, preferred learning methods, learning pace, job role, or other factors. Adaptive learning is personalized learning that uses computer-based technology to modify content to a learner’s needs. Applying algorithms or artificial intelligence, the technology modifies content in real-time based on learner behaviors and interactions.

Personalized and Adaptive Learning explores current practices and trends in personalized and adaptive learning, and reveals a changing learning landscape tempered by challenges and driven by the promise of better performance.

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