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In Succession Planning: Ensuring Continued Excellence, ATD Research found that most organizations aren’t planning for the future. In fact, just 35 percent of organizations reported having a formalized succession planning process in place. For the purpose of this report, succession planning is defined as the process organizations use to identify key positions, candidates, and employees needed to meet both the short- and long-term challenges inherent in conducting operations. The process also encompasses companies’ efforts to develop and advance selected employees in the succession pipeline.

The purpose of this report is to identify the current trends in organizations’ succession planning processes and practices, as well as determining best practices associated with high effectiveness in succession planning efforts. Moreover, the report tracks changes that organizations’ succession planning practices have undergone since 2010. Of particular interest are how candidates are identified and trained, as well as who is responsible or involved in succession planning efforts. The report also examines the challenges and benefits associated with succession planning. Included are insights and recommendations from subject matter experts on how talent development professionals can improve the effectiveness of their organizations’ succession planning efforts.

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