Six office workers in outfits that are a mix of superhero attire—capes and masks—and business casual attire—ties and blazers.
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Building a team while guiding each individual to recognize their full potential and, simultaneously, contribute to the greater good of the team and the organization is one of the biggest challenges for leaders. Some keys to the success of any workplace team include defining a shared vision of what you’re trying to accomplish as a group, ensuring you have the right individuals on your team, and taking purposeful action that will lead to accomplishing the intended goals. In this issue of TD at Work, Laurel Schulert helps you to:

  • Define your team’s vision and goals for the future
  • Explore which roles belong on your team
  • Interview and select the right candidates
  • Lead your team to achieve visionary performance
  • Retain your team members

The Tools & Resources in this issue are a Team Strategy Plan and a Goal Definition Worksheet.

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ISBN: 9781957157177
Pages: 20
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Formats: Paperback, PDF
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A-List L&D Team, Assemble is an excellent TD at Work guide, Laurel! From start to finish I found reminders and new ways of addressing my organizations needs. I found the section Retain Your Talent especially helpful.
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